Lung & Pulmonary Diagnoses

If you have a heart or lung condition, our cardiac or pulmonary rehab programs can help you get healthy and function independently as quickly and safely as possible.

Have you been recently diagnosed with of a heart or lung condition? Are you are recovering from a recent hospitalization due to and acute exacerbation of heart or lung issue? Our clinicians at Corona Hills Physical Therapy can help you regain your strength. We will work closely with your physician and health care team to develop a customized program for you. We offer assistance with risk-factor modifications, such as stress management and nutrition consultations. Our guided exercise programs help you work towards increasing your aerobic tolerance and to improving your muscle endurance, flexibility and strength. We offer guided and supervised exercise programs, as well as individual and group classes.

The lifestyle changes you make when you go through a cardiac rehab program can improve your overall health and prevent future exacerbations of heart and lung problems.

Your physician may recommend cardiopulmonary rehabilitation if you’ve had any of these conditions or procedures: