Neuro Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation and management of patients with chronic neurological disabilities requires a clinical team with specialized clinical skills including proficiency in the scientific basis of neural repair and recovery. Our clinical team of Occupational Therapist and doctoral level Physical Therapist specialize in promoting the recovery of both the medical and social wellbeing of persons with disabling neurological disorders.

At Corona Hills Physical Therapy our neurorehabilitation program:

  • Holistic Our clinicians address the physical, cognitive, psychological, social and cultural dimensions of each patient within their individualized context of wellbeing.
  • Inclusive Our clinical plans are customized and developed by the multidisciplinary clinical team made up of highly qualified Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist experienced in health care strategies that are patient centered dependent on educating patients and their families so that they are well-informed and develop a trusting relationship with our clinical team. This is an essential part of that neurorehabilitative process and results in the optimal clinical outcomes for the patient (and family).
  • Lifelong Our patient's needs throughout their life are addressed by ensuring continuity of care throughout the rehabilitative process. We accomplish this through the use of our various wellness progress to promote lifelong wellbeing.
  • Community-focused. Through our extensive experience working throughout Southern California we have amassed a tremendous body of resources to that will assist our patients with returning to an optimal level of functional independence within their community. While our focus is often placed on recovery from complex neurological events, our team is also committed to community prevention efforts through our clinical wellness programs and educational seminars designed to reduce risk factors that result in debilitating impairments.

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